How It Works

Get £100 off your subscription by referring your friends. Here’s how you can start earning rewards:

  1. Invite Your Friends: recommend Breedr to your friends and get them to sign up to an annual subscription.

  2. Your Friend Joins Breedr: When your friend signs up to a monthly or annual subscription, let us know in the form below 

  3. Earn £ off your subscription: When you refer a friend we will give you £100 off your subscription renewal

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Join the Movement

Breedr is transforming the way farmers manage their livestock, and we want you to be a part of this journey. By referring your friends, you’re not only earning rewards but also contributing to a smarter, more sustainable farming future.

So, what are you waiting for? Start referring friends today and watch your rewards—and community—grow!

For any questions or more information about the Refer a Friend Scheme, contact our support team.

“Breedr gives you the business edge, otherwise you are selling blind."

Dylan Jones
Beef Farmer, North Wales
  • Current Breedr subscribers can refer as many new sign ups as they want, these will be verified by Breedr through the refer a friend form
  • The new sign up must be a full paying annual subscriber of Breedr after the 1st July 2024, discount on the current users account will be credited once an annual subscription has commenced
  • For each successful referral, £100 credit will be added to the referrers Breedr subscription.
  • Refer a friend forms must be completed within 3 months of new annual subscription to be eligible

Got questions about Breedr Pro? Check out our FAQ and pricing page 

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